Web and Software development

Whilst there are numerous “off the shelf” packages available to get your web site up and running there always seem to be those few missing features that make your business unique.

Webdesigna have years of experience in adapting, integrating and creating software that bridges the gap to make your web site run in the way you want it to. Projects like these can encompass pretty much anything from simple shipping calculators to full blown two way integration into remote accounting/payment gateways.

For e-commerce sites we typically will provide gateways to your chosen payment provider, links to other online catalogues/auctions and links to your inhouse accounts system to ensure that your online business is integrated into your offline business as closely as possible.

By leveraging “open source” software as a basis for our projects, where possible, your business can get the best of both worlds – a custom solution based on standards compliant architectures.

Whatever the required technology, language or platform – Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Angular, React, PHP, Flash, Perl, VB, ASP, C, C++, Pascal, MySQL, MSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAGE, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, 4th Dimension – it’s not a problem. We can also offer development of iPhone and Android apps to suit your needs including apps that can offer a unique view and additional functionality on your web site data.

We have years of experience in integrating and adapting ZenCart, OSCommerce, Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, phpBB to suit customer’s needs as well as our own custom frameworks.

The underlying philosophy of our work is that you, the customer, should have the opportunity to create and amend the content that appears on your web site. Reducing ongoing support costs and allowing you to keep your web site fresh and up to date. These changes don’t require anything more than what used to be called “word processing” skills.