Mail Server Upgrade

November 23, 2018

Mail Server Upgrade

As previously scheduled and announced, a new mail server has been brought on line this evening  and the current one has been decommissioned.

This is the most complex transition of all the upgrades and there was always a chance, despite two successful dry runs, that a problem may occur. For this reason the work was started on Friday evening to allow a full weekend to fix any issues that might crop up with a minimum impact on customer’s businesses.

The mail service has now been completely transferred to the new server and traffic is currently being routed to it from the old server whilst the DNS changes filter through. This appears so far to have gone smoothly and it seems to be fully operational.

Service disruption during the transition period lasted for just under 3 hours with webmail access being restored after 2 hours.

Close monitoring will continue throughout the weekend and any issues should be reported via the Facebook page or the support contact numbers.