Server performance

February 6, 2015

Server performance

Some customers may have noticed a slow down in server response times. We’ve been working with the data centre to resolve a problem with one of our servers that appears to have restricted disk access speeds. Customers with web sites hosted on the evps2 server will see intermittent delays.

The problem has been identified and a resolution is expected today. A temporary solution has resolved the problem for the moment.

— update Feb 6th 2015 11:10 pm

Following a day of monitoring the server, performance has been significantly improved on the server now with an Apdex score of around 0.97 throughout the period which is well within the expected performance range. (Apdex is a measure of web page response to the user between¬†1 which is perfect, 0 which is awful !). We’ll continue to monitor the server.

— update Feb 7th 2015 12:36 pm

This problem has now been resolved at the data centre and the server is still maintaining the expected response times. Obviously we will continue to monitor the servers but the issue has now been closed.